A long overdue update post!

~My butterflies are doing really good. ^^ Healthy, happy pappies lovin’ the ever so slightly cooler weather. And of course as spoiled as ever. ~

Monsieur Cujo “The King” and  Princess River  “Litlyn” are beside me as I type this update post. The Royal Prince Benjamin and Oliver the Sweet Spaniel are the very best of friends.  Lego is the most sweetest laid back snuggly little guy in the whole world.  Tommy is the cutest itty bitty boy with the sweetest eyes that you’d ever meet. Arabella is the Royal Lady and the Queen at Bleuell. Vic is the Victorian Beauty with a little spring in her step.   Juliette is always happy, happy, happy. Xcel is spunky and oh so sweet.  All in all, I love em’ all.  😉

On to the big updates:

I have two new gorgeous additions co-owned between me, my mom and MaryAnn. The first is a beautiful boy by the name of Cadaga Xcel. His sire is CH Deanna’s Born In The USA and his dam is Cadaga Xtreme. Xcel’s grandsire is CH Zelicaon Butch Cassidy At Draco aka “Parker”. The second new addition is a beautiful girl by the name of AKC Ptd Playful Poetry In Motion “Juliette”. Her sire is CH Deanna’s Supernatural Moses and her dam is Marquis Courts Super Villianess Harley Quinn “HQ”.

A HUGE thank you to MaryAnn Wik of Playful Papillons for sending us these gorgeous dogs as well as my precious Lego. ❤

You may find more info and photos of Xcel and Juliette on my website bleuellpapillons.weebly.com . 🙂

Now time for bedtime. The paps says so. 😉

My Babies are Growing!

My puppies are now almost a month old. They are growing up and developing their own little personalities. Arabella the black and white girl is a feisty fun tiny girl. Oliver the tri color boy is laid back and so calm. They are both so sweet and precious. They are already playing with toys and are beginning to want to nibble on Mom’s food. We had a rough start but now happily the babies are doing good.

Legolas is doing great as well. He is becoming well acclimated to our family. He fits in nicely with my paps. Lego is so sweet and so playful. I look forward to getting him in the show ring very soon.






On February 26, 2014 two little babies entered the world at around 12:30 am. Sophie had a black and white girl and a tri color boy by C-section. I was up every hour the first night supplementing the babies with milk. At the first weigh in the girl was 6.5 ounces and the boy was 6.2 ounces. Today the girl was 7.1 ounces and the boy was 7 ounces. I am still supplementing them but they are suckling on Mama. Today the babies had their dewclaws removed. They are so adorable! I am so excited to watch them grow.

sophie and her babies

He is here!


Lego arrived yesterday and is settling in well. He is so very sweet and loves to give kisses! Legolas is a beautiful boy and I am delighted he is here. A big thank you goes out to MaryAnn Wik of Playful Papillons for sending him to me. He is dream already. I can’t wait to see what the future holds! For more information and pictures of Legolas please visit my website at bleuellpapillons.weebly.com.

On another note, Sophie is hopefully getting close to whelping. I can’t wait!


My new boy is on his way here from California! Here are a few pictures of him that were taken yesterday. Photos courtesy of MaryAnn Wik. Legolas’ full name is Playful Prince Of Redwood Realm. His sire is MULTI CH Scooby Dooby Doo Forussi and his dam is I’m Little Ines Vom Cavalierchen.



Today is Sophie’s first due date! The puppies are moving around a lot, and seem to be ready to enter the world. Sophie is panting a lot and looks a bit uncomfortable. Hopefully they will come soon. Stay tuned!

The Beginning

The 21st of February 2014 is a very special day here at Bleuell Papillons. It is the first due date of my Papillon Sophie and the day my new boy will arrive.

This has been a dream in the making for quite some time. My Papillon River was my first show dog and my hopeful foundation. Things didn’t work out as I had planned. Long story short, River was spayed and retired from the show ring. She is the Queen of Spoiled! A few years later Sophie entered my life. She is an exceptional show dog. She loves it! At home she is a fun and happy tail wagging girl. At the shows she changes into a Sophisticated show dog. It was such a thrill to place in a very competitive American Bred Bitch class at the Papillon Club Of America National Specialty. I am beyond exited to have her as my foundation.

My new boy is sired by one of my favorite Papillons. Both of his parents are European Imports. His sire is from Poland and his dam is from Germany. I am very excited at what the future holds. More information about him will be revealed very soon. Stay tuned!